Pola Henderson - Jetting AroundWELCOME to Jetting Around: City Travel Blog!

I’m Pola, a Chicago-based traveler originally from Krakow, Poland. I first traveled long-distance when I was less than 3 years old and have been fond of ‘jetting around’ ever since. Currently I juggle my passion for globe-trotting and running a communications company.

Some of my most valued experiences involve cities, and I started this blog (July 2010) to inspire gratifying city travel. I enjoy exploration that incorporates off-the-beaten-track experiences and brings travelers closer to the local culture and communities.

My writing and photography on this site showcases European, North American, and Latin American destinations, with plans to include Asia. See the guide below for more information about Jetting Around’s features. I have also written for CNN, Yahoo, and Expedia, among other publications.

I hope that you will enjoy the blog and keep in touch on social media. Perhaps we’ll get to meet at one of my travel events.

The story behind Jetting AroundHere are some of my favorite posts to get you started:



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Jetting Around Café is a series of casual networking events for those interested in travel and world cultures. Dates, locations, and special guests are announced on JA’s social media channels.

Pola - Jetting Around


The blog is part of my communications company JA Media (launched in August 2014), which specializes in full-service artist management, plus social media and event photography in the travel, culture, and hospitality fields. For updates and event information, follow me on Facebook and Twitter.


Pola Henderson | Email: pola@jettingaround.com | Twitter: @jettingaround