Bonjour, Paris! A stylish arrival with Jia Collection travel fashion

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Jia Collection Oksana

‘Oksana’ can be worn as an elegant dress…

When it comes to packing for short city breaks – up to a week – all I need is a half hour. I usually bring mix-and-match pants and tops for daytime sightseeing, a dress or two for nights on the town, one denim jacket, plus a few accessories (scarves, jewelry) to change up my outfits. Add to it flat ankle boots and cushioned heels, then I’m done.

But what about travel fashion for an extended stay or when you move abroad? Especially if your future home is one of the most stylish cities.

I didn’t quite pass the packing test before moving to Paris. I thought I had done well fitting into one 27” suitcase, until I was charged for overweight baggage at the airport. My challenge was the changing seasons. I wish I had brought more 2-in-1 pieces, versatile enough to transition my wardrobe from winter to spring. But I did bring some.


I’ve been a fan of New York-based Jia Collection Reversible Fashion for a few years, having discovered the brand online. What I like is that Jia’s clothing is designed for women on the go.

The combination of wrinkle-resistant fabrics and multi-functionality (most pieces can be worn two ways, some even four) makes them suitable as travel fashion. You pack light, but still have many outfits. And they are stylish, taking a modern approach to classic silhouettes – my kind of couture.

Jia and I have been connected online and collaborated before (here’s me wearing a day-to-night knit dress). When she found out that I was going to Paris around my birthday, she sent me two pieces to try out: a double-sided dress and convertible cardigan/dress. I’ve worn them in various “new resident” situations: from working and networking to evenings out with friends.

Have a look at my day in the 10th district of Paris and some ways to style the clothes.

Jia Collection Oksana

… or a casual cardigan, once you flip it around.


During the day you can find me blogging in cafes. I tend to get cold typing for hours, but this long Oksana cardigan (containing 39% wool) keeps me warm. Its neutral colors go well with many pieces in my closet, such as favorite skinny jeans. I like to wear a long-sleeved top underneath on cool days and a baby tee when it gets warm.

Once you flip it around and zip up, the cardigan becomes a scoop-neck dress. Very convenient if you have after-hours events, but no time to go change at home. It’s feminine too, thanks to the dark stripe accentuating the waist and a full-length zipper in the back. I pair it with pumps or ankle boots.


I love wearing dresses, and even more so in Paris. Given its status as one of the world’s fashion hubs, Paris is the right place for trying bolder pieces without raising eyebrows. Elsewhere, I might leave the reversible Greta dress for special occasions. Here, I’ll wear it for drinks on a terrace.

Made with mohair/angora fabric, the dress is soft and wears comfortably. I like to pair the white side with nude pumps for an elegant day look. For a night out, I wear the metallic navy side with ankle boots or strappy heels. My favorite feature of the dress is the eye-catching pattern in the middle, which also creates a flattering silhouette.

Jia Collection Greta

The reversible ‘Greta’ dress takes you from day to night in an instant.


Part one of the Paris move is done, but there will be more trips between my old and new home before I am fully settled. I intend to avoid future baggage fees, which means reversible clothing goes with me. What about you – what are your packing hacks? 

Thanks to Jia Collection for letting me moonlight as a fashion blogger. And thanks to Lanora Mueller Photography for capturing my day, then sharing wine afterwards

Jia Collection has offered one of the pieces for Jetting Around readers (a $395 and $280 value), the choice is yours. Enter our giveaway using the options below (the first four are required and others are optional – the more points you collect, the better your chances of winning). Winners will be announced on June 12.

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Pola Henderson is a travel writer, city explorer, expat, and event host. Traveling has been a part of her life since she was three. Pola grew up in Krakow, lived in Chicago for many years and is currently based in Paris, where she teaches Business English.

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  1. avatar Bianca Munoz says:

    The greta dress in white/navy. Love the color and style! Thank you for the giveaway!

  2. avatar dphamm says:

    I love this! I would love both the dress and the cardigan!

  3. avatar Laura says:

    Love the Greta dress!

  4. avatar Cindy A. says:

    I would choose Oksana. I love that it can be worn with jeans during the day and then switched to a dress for a night out. Thank you so much for not only offering such a wonderful giveaway, but also for introducing me to Jia Collection.

  5. avatar i love greta dress says:

    very nice i love greta dress for my wife she will more beautifull with that dress thank you very much.

  6. Pola, looking rather stylish….And always a fan of the reversible dress… you wear it well. Good luck in the paris fashion world….
    Stay fashionable, Craig

  7. You look great in that dress!! Love the concept!!

  8. avatar Margaret Imecs says:

    I would choose the Erika dress. I love the Parisian chic look.

  9. avatar Nicole Acuna says:

    I adore the cardigan! It’s so versatile and the perfect length!

  10. avatar Kayley says:

    I’d choose the Greta dress because I wear dresses often and I like that this one is reversible.

  11. Let’s talk seriously!!
    LOVEEEEEE the two pieces from Jia Collection!! After one year living and travelling in Southeast Asia, I finally booked my ticket back to Europe. On December, I will land in Oslo, what means I need to buy new, stylish and warm clothes to cope with the winter in Europe. I can totally see myself walking around with one (or even 2) of this great collection. So please don’t make me sad, confirm that you can ship them to Singapore ;)

    Cheers, lot’s of love

  12. avatar Romy says:

    Lovely dresses! I’ m in for one of it.

  13. avatar Alicia says:

    The Elma’s colors would suit me perfectly!

  14. avatar Theresa C. says:

    I love the Johana dress!

  15. avatar Terresa L says:

    I love the Greta dress – because of the color block and the fact that you get 2 stylish dresses in one. Not to mention Pola really rocks in them! =D

  16. avatar Carly says:

    The Oksana cardigan/dress looks amazing! I’m in love with versatile fashion pieces, plus it makes it a touch easier to travel with a capsule wardrobe when you’ve got something like this!

  17. avatar Sara Theissen says:

    I would totally choose the convertible Oksana dress/cardigan! I love the colors and style.

  18. avatar Jessica says:

    Both dresses are gorgeous, but I would choose the Greta dress because I think the blue/cream is more flattering to my skin. The cardi-dress is a great idea, though!

  19. avatar Linda S. says:

    I love the look of the Greta dress, and would probably choose that. But I also think the cardigan is so ingenious and I really appreciate the fact that it is part wool; it’s perfect for a trip where the weather is variable or unpredictable.

  20. avatar Corina says:

    I love Jia Collection. Wish I could afford all their pieces! If I won I’d probably go with the Oksana.

  21. avatar Shu-Ching Chang says:

    I love these smart designs outfits with elegant, beautiful details. They are great ideas for travelers and weekend getaway. Oksana Dress / Cardigan is perfect solutions for these unpredictable climate change. I love it.

  22. avatar Raine says:

    My favorite in their collection is the Red /Black Danielle cardigan. Given the choice though I love the Greta dress, I don’t have anything even close to it in my wardrobe. Lovely pieces.

  23. avatar sarah kelly says:

    love the dress!!

  24. avatar Niki says:

    Love so many of the options – I am excited to explore the collection.

  25. avatar Samantha D says:

    The cardigan!! I can easily see myself wearing that often! It goes with a lot of my wardrobe. :)

  26. avatar Liz A says:

    I love the dress and it would be perfect for when I’m backpacking through Europe!

  27. Thanks everyone for participating in the giveaway and all your comments! Good luck.

  28. avatar Vira says:

    It’s fun to know that a lot of places have very strong characters that visitors tend to dress accordingly. I’ve never been to Paris but I’ve seen a lot of people (in photos) dressing up fashionably just like you because it is the city of fashion. The same thing when I went to Santorini, I packed a few blue-white outfits, bought some blue-white accessories, and noticed quite a lot other tourists also wearing blue & white outfits. I wonder what travelers wear in Jamaica :D

    • Good question. ;) As for Paris, it’s definitely the city of fashion and it’s easy to experiment here. I have an eye on stylish flats that some many women here wear…

  29. Hey Pola, Nice looking outfit indeed.

    Most important thing is : it comes with the one of the best and trusted collection i.e. Jia collection Reversible Fashion. Girls love fashionable and trendy outfit and theerfore, It’s a great idea to me that I can easily suggest this outfit to my girl friend, who often asks about the latest outfit.

    This dress is well suited on you. You are looking beautiful wearing this outfit. This outfit is best for movie planning or a travelling. I must suggest everyone to have this outfit as soon as possible. Outfit with jacket is always nice looking for me.

    thank for sharing it.
    Have a great week ahead.
    ~ Ravi.

  30. avatar William says:

    Moving to Paris permanently? Wow, that’s really cool. And yes, I agree with you… it’s one of the world’s fashion hubs! You really fit in there. ;)

  31. avatar Steven says:

    Your outfits looks lovely and its really suits you