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Debbie Yee Lan Wong

Debbie Yee Lan Wong

The Same Sky – A Traveler’s Quest for Redemption and Peace
Debbie Yee Lan Wong

CreateSpace, 2013

Vancouver-native Debbie Yee Lan Wong was living the expat life in China: working as a consultant in Beijing, dating a French man, and planning a move to Paris once their contracts were up. But the relationship dissolved under not-so-pleasant circumstances, leaving Debbie heartbroken, betrayed, and filled with self-doubt.

Then she packed her bag and left to explore Southeast Asialooking to distance herself from the situation and find inner piece.

“I was at the lowest point of my life,” says Debbie. “I left with just a journal, camera and clothes. My three-month journey through Tibet, Laos and Cambodia revealed the painful human histories of these countries through personal encounters with locals who have lived through war, poverty and political repression.”

She adds, “After many cups of teas, hours of conversations and lots of smiles, the locals shared stories of love, grief and the struggle for peace. Their stories and small acts of love helped me heal and find the courage to believe in myself again.”

The Same Sky


With honesty and grace, the author recounts coming to terms with her broken relationship and the difficulties encountered on the road (being held by the Chinese police in Tibet due to an expired visa, watching her friend fall ill near the Mt. Everest base camp, and being helped by a local in Cambodia after a pedicab accident in a heavy storm). The book also contains detailed descriptions of Buddhist temples, open-air markets, transportation, and regional cuisine.

The Same Sky might appeal to readers interested in Southeast Asia, solo travelers (especially female), and those going through an emotional time.

I hope that my story will inspire any reader who has struggled to move on from betrayal and loss. Even if you’ve never been to Asia, the book is for anyone who has experienced heartbreak, grief and betrayal. It’s a story with universal themes of love, independence, and revelation of the human spirit.”

Available online (paperback and e-book versions)

Check out Jetting Around’s interview with Debbie and book giveaway [Ends 3/22/2014]. 

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About the Author (Author Profile)

Pola Henderson is a travel writer and city explorer. Besides Jetting Around, her writing credits include CNN, Yahoo, Expedia, MasterCard, among others. She also runs JA Media, a boutique agency specializing in content writing and event production. Happily multicultural, Pola grew up in Krakow, lived in Chicago for 13 years, and is currently based in her soul city Paris.

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  1. Sounds very interesting indeed. Those difficult times on the road sound a little bit too scary…

  2. avatar Clare says:

    This looks like a fascinating read – and a real journey of a book.

  3. avatar Lucy says:

    I’m a huge reader and always looking out for travel themed books – this sounds like a really interesting story so one to add to the list!

  4. avatar Leah says:

    I love your book reviews. One day I’m going to just buy all the books your recommend, step away from the computer, and read them all at once. This one sounds intriguing.

  5. avatar lorrie says:

    great interview i’ll have to check out that book

  6. Travel gives us so much, doesn’t it? Peace, escape, adventure and so much more. “The Same Sky” sounds like a wonderful book. Would love to read about Debbie’s journey. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • My pleasure, Cathy! And you summed up travel beautifully…

    • Cathy I like your choice of words to describe travel: peace, adventure… While I wrote THE SAME SKY, i kept reflecting back on how the traveling saved and healed me in so many ways because of the sadness I felt from the breakup. I hope my story will inspire any woman who has gone through grief to travel and heal again! Thanks for your comments.

  7. Ah, the healing benefits of travel… Perhaps I’ll download the book to read on next month’s flight overseas.

  8. Too bad she did not make it down to Chiang Mai. Nothing cures a broken heart like northern Thailand. Sounds like an interesting read.

  9. avatar lola says:

    this is one i just might pick up! thanks, Pola!

  10. I was hoping to meet the author in New York at her reading / launch, but couldn’t attend, hopefully our paths cross again… I wish her the very best with the book and hope to read it some day… as much of this part of the word still intrigues me deeply.

    stay reading, Craig

    • I hear you, Craig – SE Asia is still an uncharted territory for me… And too bad I couldn’t be at the launch either. I can only hope she’ll make it to Chicago.

    • Craig, thanks for your encouraging words! and sorry you couldn’t make ti to THE SAME SKY book launch here in NYC. there will be other readings and Ill be sure to include you. and yes Tibet and Asia in general are still so intriguing and changing very quickly. hope you’ll go soon!

  11. we have a few upcoming trips that call for good reads. this one is on the list!

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