City Pics: Winding streets of Krakow

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Every visit to my hometown means photo outings, usually around the Old Town. Among my favorite streets to photograph are the narrow, winding ones. Here are a few of them. 

Mikołajska (St. Nicholas Street) dates back to the 13th century and used to be part of a trade route to Kiev. It extends east from the Main Square and connects to the Planty park surrounding the Old Town.

Near Wawel Castle to the south is Kanonicza Street, lined with Renaissance and Baroque houses. These residences once belonged to Krakow’s noblemen and later church canons (hence the name). The quiet Senacka (Senate Street) at the other end of Kanonicza houses the Archaeological Museum of Krakow.

Besides the curvature of the streets, I like the vintage street lamps and decorative doorways.

(Images can be downloaded as 1200 x 800 desktop backgrounds.)

Krakow streets - Mikołajska

Mikołajska Street

Krakow streets - Senacka & Kanonicza

Senacka Street (left) and Kanonicza with Wawel Castle in the background

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Pola Henderson is a travel writer and city explorer. Besides Jetting Around, her writing credits include CNN, Yahoo, Expedia, MasterCard, among others. She also runs JA Media, a boutique agency specializing in content writing and event production. Happily multicultural, Pola grew up in Krakow, lived in Chicago for 13 years, and is currently based in her soul city Paris.

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  1. avatar Jenna says:

    Beautiful! I love Krakow’s old center.

  2. I just love Krakow. What can I say. Your pix capture the beauty of the streets of Krakow.

  3. avatar Sally says:

    These are beautiful. And I love that you’re offering them as desktop downloads, awesome! :)

  4. avatar Leah says:

    I love how you added the map from where the photo was taken. What a great touch. Oh, and the picture is pretty awesome, too.

  5. avatar Jeff Johns says:

    Looks like such a beautiful city! We’ve just got to get there this winter. Beautiful shots!

  6. Beautiful. I’d like to visit Krakow.

  7. Brings back good memories of walking the streets of Krakow lost trying to find my hostel.

  8. lovely photos, as per usual!

  9. Always love your photography, Pola. This are great, as usual…

  10. avatar Lola says:

    Love your pics of krakow! Definitely inspires me to want to go. BUT I think it would be most fun with you!!!

  11. avatar Jenifer says:

    Beautiful pictures. Also, love for rent. It’s a pity you do not have images dragon with Krakow :)

  12. Is Poland calling my name?? :) Lovely photos

  13. avatar Erin says:

    Nice photos! Lately I’ve been hearing that Krakow is quite a cool city. What time of year do you recommend visiting? Is it an easy place for expats to find work?

    • Hi Erin. I’d recommend visiting in spring, when the weather is warm without being humid, and outdoor cafes around the Main Square are open. Lots of expats in Krakow, so I can imagine there’s work available.

  14. Love the curvy streets, too! Amazing photos, Pola!

  15. I love your photography. Seriously, I think I need some lessons from you!

    Every time you write about Poland, it reminds me to get my butt there!!

  16. avatar Charu says:

    Lovely photos…I used to play Chopin as a child and always wanted to visit Poland. Thanks for sharing a bit of your country!

  17. avatar Karl says:

    It’s streets and city squares like this that always make me seek out the old towns in Europe

  18. Lovely blog, Pola! Thanks for connecting with us on Twitter! Keep up the great work and travel safe! Oh… and all the best in the New Year! :)

  19. The photos look very atmospheric in black and white. Nice…

  20. avatar The Guy says:

    I remember visiting Krakow in 1993 whilst inter-railing. I was blown away with how beautiful the old part of the city was and loved the main market square. I’d love to go back one day.

    I really like your pictures.

  21. avatar Forest says:

    I loved my time in Krakow and will definitely head back some day. The outer districts are interesting to walk around too but of course the charm of the old city are undeniable.

  22. You have a really beautiful home-town.

  23. We visited Krakow this summer and loved it. Great photos capturing the beauty of the city.

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