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Krakow-native Angelika Janosz lists her favorite spots around town where you can “sit, drink, eat, and spend a few hours talking.” Here’s where to go for casual eats in Krakow’s Old Town and the nearby Kazimierz neighborhood. 


Angelika in Krakow’s Old Town

Krakow – for sure an ever-evolving city of students. Over the years, it has become more beautiful and interesting, thanks to not only the government, but also the youth – creative, full of life and energy. Through self-expression, they are changing the image of the city. While on the Main Square, you can hear tourists speaking many different languages. It shows that Krakow is also a popular place to visit in Europe.

Krakow never sleeps. At most it has only a few hours of rest in the early morning. I relish this vibe while biking to school, when I cross the main square and watch people supplying shops, pubs and restaurants; when I watch cleaning machines and hear the slowly throbbing heart of the city, as it prepares itself for another intensive day.

In this article I want to suggest great, sometimes very charming places to sit, drink, eat, and spend a few hours talking.

Every tourist can walk through town and do sightseeing, but it is harder to quickly find a nice place to relax and eat something good. My wish is that you don’t end up in chain fast food restaurants – once you’re in Krakow, don’t waste time looking for them, but try my suggestions instead.


Authentic Polish crepes

  • Naleśniki Crêpes (Senacka 6) – a small place, but nothing else matters apart from this crepes! The menu has a wide variety of filling options.

Ice cream

  • Grodzka Street – Walking along the whole street towards the Main Square, you will stumble upon many ice-cream places.

Breakfast, lunch, coffee, and drinks

Bracka Street – a nice-looking street that has a few charming cafés:

  • Nowa Prowincja (Bracka 3-5) – according to Internet users, here you can find the best hot chocolate in Krakow
  • Pergamin (Bracka 3-5) – a wide variety of fancy alcoholic drinks, composed by specialists, but also good (and big) hot beverages
  • Cafe Botanica (Bracka 9) – a unique and relaxing interior. This place offers breakfast, lunch, desserts and tasty non-alcoholic drinks.

Pierogi – Polish dumplings

Bracka Krakow

Bracka Street near the Main Square has several charming cafés


A quarter of Krakow that hit a rough patch in the past. For many years it was also a stand-alone town where the Jewish population lived. The old synagogues (some of them are museums now), buildings, Jewish symbols on the walls are the pearls of history that anyone can enjoy. But Kazimierz has also its second face – now it is the world of clubbing and entertainment.

My favorite hangouts are located at Plac Nowy.

Kazimierz hangouts

Hangouts in Kazimierz (from the top left): Mleczarnia has a relaxing garden, Tajemniczy Ogród – a fireplace and seating arranged for privacy; Klub Finka is decorated with wood crates, hammocks, and fun signs

Coffee, cocktails, and nonalcoholic drinks

  • Tajemniczy Ogród (Plac Nowy 9) – Besides an intriguing menu, I love the style in which the interior is decorated – many couches, arranged in such a way that each table has privacy. A fireplace adds warmth.

Coffee, assorted tea, drinks

  • Klub Finka  (Warszauera 1) – a very creative, unique and uncommonly-designed hangout: wood crates instead of tables, hammocks to sit on instead of chairs. Everywhere you look you see the sense of humor of the owner.

Hot & cold drinks in the garden

  • Mleczarnia (Rabina Bera Meiselsa 20) a nice place to take a break and to sit in the garden, drinking something good or eating lunch
Maly Fiat Kazimierz

Kazimierz neighborhood hit a rough patch in the past, but now offers many entertainment options

Photos: Angelika Janosz & Jetting Around

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18-year-old Angelika Janosz is a high school student in Krakow. Every chance she gets, she explores the city, usually by bike. She has been pursuing her interest in writing, including creative fiction, for several years now, and her 2010 guest post for Jetting Around was her first publication.

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  1. avatar Brian says:

    Thank you, Angelika. I’m gong to try to visit most of these places when I visit Krakow this year.

  2. I regret not fitting Kakrow into my last Eurotrip. From the many photos you’ve shared it looks like a city full of energy. And the food, let’s not even go there. I would love to try it. Hopefully I get to see it in the near future.

  3. avatar Babulal Sharma says:

    Which is the ideal time to visit Krakow?

    • In my opinion spring and summer (say May-September) when outdoor cafes/beer gardens are open. In the summer it can be hot and crowded, but if you don’t mind that then it’s worth it because there are also festivals and other cultural attractions going on. December is cold, but there are holiday markets and the city is nicely decorated.

  4. avatar Clare says:

    Such a great guide, and Krakow looks like it has so much character. My travels seem to be taking me to all parts of Europe, so I hope I get to Krakow soon! I am sure I will!

  5. avatar Valerie says:

    Great list! My father-in-law is Polish, 2nd generation American. My step-son is obsessed with learning about his Polish heritage. I am hoping to take him to Poland someday. I would love to visit the local places and for him to get a feel of the non-touristy places. Thanks for the tips!

  6. avatar Aggy says:

    I wish I read this before coming to Krakow last year! Such a great city and hope to be back very soon! Your niece definitely has talent ;)

  7. avatar Monica Suma says:

    For some reason, I’ve recently been eating more Ukrainian food that usual. In fact, I had never had it up until two weeks ago. And so, it seems the “pierogi” is also included in the Polish cuisine. I have never tried Polish food, but I imagine to be very tasty, and quite similar to Romanian. Can’t wait to visit Krakow as well, so many people list it as their favorite European newcomer city!

    • Hi Monica. There’s a Romanian restaurant in Chicago, not far from my neighborhood. I’ve been there a few times and the food is good, but I’d like to actually go to Romania… If you haven’t tried Polish food, then Krakow is definitely a great place to visit!

  8. Angie, you and your aunt are really making me want to visit Krakow! I especially like the look and descriptions of the Kazimierz neighborhood. Spectacular photos by you two, as well!

  9. I sure could have used this guide when I visited Krakow back in 2003. I only spent one night here and stumbled around to a few places in the square. I may have inadvertently stopped at one of these places because I know I did not sit at any fast food chains. Need to come back and spend more than one day in this beautiful city.

  10. I’ve heard so many great things about Krakow, so it’s definitely on my list — in fact, I’d love to go there in 2014. And I love to eat so I’ll keep this list handy. Can’t wait to try Polish dumplings.

  11. avatar lola says:

    ok first of all, it all sounds so delicious. second, I MUST GET TO KRAKOW!! book marking :)

  12. avatar Mary Anne says:

    Not somewhere I’ve thought of going before. I think it’s time you and hit the road. I feel a group trip forming.

  13. useful if I am ever in town :) must visit one day!

  14. love all the photos! also love pierogi.

  15. Great list of places that I will have to keep in my back pocket. Can’t believe I still haven’t been to Krakow!

  16. avatar Romy Mlinzk says:

    Pierogi… nomnomnom.

  17. avatar Stephanie says:

    I would love to visit Europe someday.

  18. avatar lorrie says:

    the city looks beautiful and each restaurant looks like it has its own charm and persona looks like a great place to visit

  19. avatar Jenna says:

    Pinning for when I get to Krakow again :) I have great memories of hanging out at some of the city’s cafes and cellar bars, but that was so long ago that I imagine the center has changed quite a bit since then.

    • A good thing about Krakow is that people appreciate its history and some things don’t change (e.g. there are still some cafes or bars that have been around for decades, if not centuries). But other changes are inevitable and you will find new night clubs around the Main Square, catering in part to tourists. Still, the Old Town is a fantastic place to visit.

  20. avatar karl says:

    I am still bummed I did not make it here when I was in Poland. All the more reason to go back!

  21. Thanks for sharing this article! lots of great info and beautiful photos. I’d love the chance to visit Krakow and Poland sometime soon- looks like an amazing place to visit!

  22. What’s the best time to visit Krakow? I heard it gets a lot of British stag parties these days?

    • I’d say spring through early fall, when the weather is nice and you can sit outside in beer gardens. True about the stag parties, it’s a plague (or was at least). Nowadays more and more businesses don’t allow them and put up signs on the door. Don’t let those guys stop you from visiting!

  23. avatar Charlie says:

    I love pierogi so much!! I also loved all the Polish salads, esepecially the ones made with beetroot and red cabbage =)

  24. This is great! I’m still hoping to go to Krakow this summer, so I’m going to pin it to my newly created “Krakow” board!

  25. Amazing recommendations!! I can’t wait to try them on my trip to Krakow!
    Great post :D