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Welcome to Jetting Around! I’m Pola.

My earliest memory is of sitting on a plane, window seat by the wing, waiting for takeoff. I was about three years old, flying from Europe to Asia with family. That first travel experience – for which I am so grateful to my parents – sparked a lifelong interest in other cultures and languages. Over the years, it also led me from Krakow to Chicago to Paris, the three cities I have called home.

Jetting Around was born in 2010 out of my passion for writing and urban travel. I cover various city topics (food, wine, fashion, culture, sports) and expat life, with some extreme adventure thrown in.

I also host travel events on and offline. They include the weekly #JAchat on Twitter, networking meetups JA Café: Travel Talk Over Coffee on both sides of the Atlantic, and annual festivals such as the Meaningful Travel Event in Chicago.

Besides blogging, I am a freelance writer and Business English trainer.

I’m glad you’re here. Enjoy the site!

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Pola Henderson